Boutique Accommodation Venue

At capacity, Old West Town sleeps up to 27 guests. Accommodation is housed in six of the ten themed buildings. Each guest room is well appointed and named and decorated after an historic figure from the Old West.

The Ranch has hosted private groups where guests would dress up and participate in western activities such as clay bird shooting, horse treks, gun slinging and canon firing.

The Ranch features a commercial kitchen and laundry, a licensed saloon, gift shop, courthouse-turned-movie theatre with conference facilities, Sheriff’s office and a billiards lounge all strung together by a well-worn boardwalk.


With well-appointed accommodation facilities, the Ranch provides a number of opportunities in the leisure and tourism sector. The land boasts a healthy population of red and fallow deer and could operate as a novel hunting destination. For those more focused on nature, eco-tourism is gaining popularity as city dwellers look to nature for new experiences. Lastly, the level of detail and the uniqueness of this property will delight and appeal to anyone wanting a once-in-a-lifetime and truly memorable western experience.


Currently the Ranch employs a remote manager and an on-site caretaker who stays in one of the three homes.

When running a private event with full occupancy it would typically take a staff of 5-8 to manage the stay followed by a 1-2 staff for the ‘reset’ of the town and housekeeping. If the Ranch was hosting a smaller group, a staff of 2-4 could run the stay.